Thursday, March 26, 2015

A long time coming

It's been almost a year.

A lot has happened since my last blog post...

some of it good, some not so good...

but fishing remains a constant in our lives.

We've been fishing through it all. I wish I had some incredible fish pictures to show off, but we haven't caught any really amazing fish since the last blog post either. That's not to say we haven't caught many fish or any decent fish... just nothing big enough, incredible enough, or legendary enough to motivate me to write about it. Sure enough there have been some good stories, and perhaps we'll revisit some of those memories in some upcoming posts, but for the moment we're looking ahead.

Kelly and I are counting the hours until we pack up and head to Florida to spend a week camping, fishing, and enjoying Mother Nature. We depart Saturday, and the gear is all coming together.

It's been almost four years since we've taken a real vacation with more than a 36 hour window for fishing. The last big trip we took was during the summer of 2011 to the U.P. of Michigan... and the fishing we experienced left a lot to be desired. We will be revisiting some of the same Florida fishing spots we went to in mid March 2011 as well as adding some new adventures to our agenda. Kelly caught her personal best Largemouth on that trip four years ago, and I'm hoping I get another shot at the fish I missed back then. It's had four years to put on some size, so maybe it will break my 9 wt this time around... that would make for a good story.

Since no blog post is really complete without at least one photo... here's a reminder of why we're going back to Florida at this time of year...

Kelly's BIG Florida Largemouth, March 2011

T-minus 37 hours until launch.