Thursday, January 2, 2014

Highlights of 2013 and First Bass of 2014

I'm really glad 2013 is over. It's been a year of lows and highs... mostly lows here on The Naturalist's Angle blog. I was a very inactive blogger in the latter half of the year... even though I probably did a few things that would have been blog worthy if I had been motivated enough to actually write about them. Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes... but that's not always a bad thing.

1. In January, I was very actively producing artwork and publishing it on my art blog, "The Naturalist's Art." Click here for all of the pieces posted in January. I also tied up a whole squadron of Stealth Bomber flies for a year of topwater bass bugging... and I still have some left in the arsenal... probably a good sign I didn't do enough fishing this past year.

2. In February, we caught a couple of nice Crappie on ultralights and ate them. I wrote a little bit of an explanation about why we rarely keep what we catch and the sustainability of fisheries. I finally finished working on some old school cork poppers that were a long time in the making. Chris Hansen, the fly fishing guide who inspired the popper production and ultimately the blog post, just happened to find his way to the comments section.

3. March was kicked off with a blog post about going to see the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) in Atlanta (ATL). I finished my DIY fly reel shelf and published it on the Ides. Kelly finally got the chance to realize the magic of fishing in the rain as the month came to a end.

4. April was a little different because Kelly and I were both featured on outlets in cyberspace other than The Naturalist's Angle. First, I wrote a piece on snakes for the Pelican products blog. Then Kelly was featured among the "Women in Fly Fishing" on the Fly Fishing Ventures blog.

5. In May, Kelly and I went fishing with Bill and I lost a really nice bass. Thinking about it is still a bit painful. 

6. In June, I caught a really nice River Redhorse during my first serious attempt to land a carp on the fly.

7. In July, I posted an epic photographic blog entry because it had been a while since I done a lot of writing and posting. Things would only get more stagnant over the next five months.

8. The months of August, September, and October called in to say that they were very disappointed that apparently nothing happened that was post worthy. On a serious note, we were busy starting a new job (Kelly), house hunting, packing, and squeezing in as much fishing as we could when we weren't occupied with all that other stuff.

9. In November, I finished a Sharpie marker drawing of a Sharp-shinned Hawk and posted it on my art blog. The headquarters of the The Naturalist's Angle was relocated to our new home... and hopefully won't be relocated again anytime soon.

10. Finally in December, I posted about my unique DIY pot rack (in order to get off the T! bad blogger list), and closed out the year with another installment of the Legend of the Christmas Crawdad. This year that silly little fly helped me land the biggest trout of my life on Christmas Day.

Now that 2014 has begun, it's time to share the first two bass of the year that Kelly caught on New Year's Day with ultralight spinning gear and a plastic crawdad...

Not a bad way to start the year

The second better than the first

I still haven't caught my first of the year... because apparently some things never change.

I'm really looking forward to great things in 2014 and wish the very best for everyone else in the fishing blogosphere.