Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fishing with Bill again: another good one gets away

Kelly and I went fishing with Bill again a little over a week ago, and I'm just now getting around to posting about the trip.

It's been a tough one to write about for me.

Bill is a great host and an excellent guide, and we had a really great time fishing with him, and I'm very much looking forward to the next time we get together...


I lost what I know would have easily been my personal best Alabama Bass (Micropterus henshalli).

I almost wish I didn't know that...

but when you're fishing in Alabama's deepest and clearest lake, you can't help but see it and know it.

The clear water assures you that there is no mistaking what you're about to lose.

I almost wish the water wasn't so clear.

The fish was easily four pounds... probably closer to five... and would have rivaled Kelly's big 'Bama Bass (caught last year on Earth Day) for the biggest either of us has ever caught...

but I guess we'll never really know.

The fish had a chaser that was pretty close to four pounds too, and I told Kelly she should try to cast to it.

She had already done the courteous thing by reeling up her line to get out of the way of landing the big fish, but I wanted her to catch its partner.

Kelly wasn't greedy... but I was.

I should have just focused on landing my fish, but I lowered my rod to get out of Kelly's way as she was getting ready to cast her fly back out there...

and then my blue BoogleBug popper came flying back at me...

graciously returned to me by a very large and hard fighting Alabama Bass.

Damn it.

Bill said it gives us a good reason to go back another day... and he's right.

We all caught our fair share of Bluegill, but Bill didn't keep any for his quest because we were fishing the sunset bite... and he didn't want to go home and have to deal with cleaning fish late at night.

Kelly caught the big bass of the day which was around two and a half pounds.

Bill landed a nice Channel Cat on his "go to" Black Gnat fly and his 4 wt rod.

"That looks like a pretty good fish, Bill."

Channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) on the fly. Yes, it can be done.

I only landed one other small bass on the day...

and a pretty nice male Bluegill.

We'll be back though...

and next time I'll try to remember to keep my rod high...

and maybe I won't be outfished by a girl again.