Monday, March 4, 2013

EYB in BHM... and notes on the big "M"

When you can't get out to go fishing, you might as well enjoy some indoor entertainment... and over the past few days, Kelly and I have gotten our fair share. We went to F3T in Atlanta on Thursday night, and followed that up on Friday night going to see Eli Young Band in concert here in Birmingham.

We were delighted to be introduced to the opening act, Sonia Leigh. I really liked her sound. Kelly described one of her songs as "a cross between the Indigo Girls and Kings of Leon." Try to wrap your head around that. She closed her set with a song that found favor with the locals. Sorry, we didn't get our own video. The one below was found on Youtube. Same song, different place, smaller venue, but hopefully you'll get the picture.

Sonia is apparently a local herself. She hails from Clanton which is only about fifty miles south of Birmingham.

Kelly shot the video below using her iPhone at the concert. I think it turned out pretty well. (Way to go, babe!)

This is really the song that made me pay attention to the Eli Young Band. Any song that makes mention of my hometown makes my ears perk up... and there's a whole bunch of songs that mention Memphis. As a matter of fact, Memphis is mentioned in more commercially recorded songs than any other city. At the time of this posting, the list is at 1074 songs (over 800 distinct titles). No, it's not "the Big Apple" (New Your City), the "City of Angels" (Los Angeles), "the Big Easy" (New Orleans), or even "Music City" (Nashville). If you ever had any doubt about the influence of Memphis on recording artists and the music they make, I think they've spoken loud and clear with this little known fact. I just sent the Memphis Rock & Soul Museum number 1075 to add to the list- "Even if it Breaks Your Heart" by Eli Young Band.

Our friend Ty, fly fishing blogger formerly of Finewater Fly Fishing and more recently Carp Aficionado, has started a series of posts he calls "Memphis Monday" in which he shares a little bit of Memphis "funkiness" with everyone in the blogosphere. I think Ty might be the only person I have ever encountered (although we haven't met in person- only online) who has actually lived there and has as much love for the city as I do. Ty and I are both alumni of the University of Memphis- known locally as "Tiger High." It's a great university, but receives little respect from most native Memphians. There's so much negativity in that town from the locals.

Sadly, very few people who grow up and live in Memphis appreciate their hometown for what it is. There are many things that Memphis isn't (and never will be), and unfortunately most native Memphians seem to dwell on those things... or the other negatives (crime, politics, corruption, etc.) that plague most large cities. I'm delighted to tune into Ty's weekly posts- even if I'm the only one doing so. It's nice to get that little weekly taste of home from someone else who understands and appreciates the "funkiness" that is Memphis.

Thanks, Ty.


  1. Hey man, appreciate the shout-out. I've had some of the best times of my life in Memphis. Never understood the negative view of some of the locals. I sure enjoyed my time there and wish I could get back and visit more. I guess that whole Memphis Monday deal is just my way of paying homage to a fine, fine city.

    1. You're welcome for the shout-out. Thanks for spotlighting Memphis every Monday. Memphis definitely has it's low points and undesirable areas, but also has it's finer points. If only the locals could see it through the eyes of a non-native or tourist from time to time.