Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Spiffed up spinnerbaits and a bettered baitcaster

As I mentioned in my last post, I was "recently given a huge lot of plastic worms and such." I'm still not quite ready to tell that whole story, but among the items were a good number of spinnerbaits that needed some love. Only a select few in the bunch even had skirts, and those were pretty much dry rotted and falling apart. When Kelly and I went to Bass Pro several days ago to get some worm hooks, I also picked up a package of replacement spinnerbait skirts. I can honestly say this was the first time I have ever bought these for their intended purpose- without plans of dismantling them to use as "sili legs" for fly tying.

Since I had these newly skirted spinnerbaits that needed testing, I needed a rod capable of casting them. They're just a bit much for my ultralight spinning rods.

There were also a handful of old rods that accompanied the "huge lot of plastic worms and such," but none of those were quite what I was looking for today. (More about those rods to come. Stay tuned.) I remembered a rod that my good friend Don rescued from a trash pile last fall. Don and I both have a habit of scouring the trash in our respective neighborhoods for treasures that other people consider trash. We've both found some pretty awesome items. Fortunately for me, Don isn't a fisherman so he sends any fishing related items my way. The rod wasn't anything spectacular, but I thought it might serve my purpose.

The original reel on it was damaged and useless, so I said goodbye to that in favor of some new hardware.

New reel spooled, mounted, and ready to fish.

Now for the results...

I only managed to land one overzealous Green Sunfish.

While Kelly caught the only bass of the day with her trusty fly rod.

There certainly won't be any convincing her to give hardware fishing a try anytime soon.


  1. Jay
    I sometimes look back on my days with the casting rigs, spinner baits, crank baits ects and wonder why I opt for fly fishing. It doesn't take me long to realize why; after landing a fish with the fly rod as opposed to my casting days. I have casting rigs that I haven't used in years since I went back to fly fishing. I have often thought about selling the ones I have but my son wants me to hold on to them. I have used Pflueger reels for years and can say that will last. In fact I still have one of my old Pflueger Supremes casting reels and it stills work great. I always found that the spinner baits work best for me in the early spring and late fall. I use to land some nice bass on those in late February and early March. Late October was also good. Hope you land a bunch on the new tackle.

    1. Bill, thanks for the detailed comment. I'll have to remember to try the spinnerbait again when late October rolls around. You don't have to worry about me giving up my fly gear anytime soon. It's been nice trying something different and bringing some old gear back to life though. I did a lot of lure fishing in days gone by, and I still enjoy ultralight angling a bunch, but nothing beats the feel of a fish on a fly rod.

  2. Hi Jay! Happy 4th to you and Kelly. Spinnerbaits?

    1. Yeah... I'm a fly fisherman, right? I don't know what I was thinking.