Monday, July 16, 2012

Snorkeling or fly fishing?

On Friday, Kelly and I went to Little River Canyon and took a non-fishing friend with us. Elizabeth is one of Kelly's fellow biology graduate students, and being the biologist that she is, she was content to snorkel along behind us enjoying the fish and other aquatic life of the river.

A part of me feels like I've missed out a bit, because I've never snorkeled the river in the canyon...

until I remember that I'd rather be fly fishing.

Elizabeth took some really nice photos of Kelly and I that we wouldn't normally get. For that reason alone, I'm glad we invited her to tag along.

I'm seriously considering her offer to become our official photographer. (Hopefully, she'll work for free because we really don't have a budget to pay her... yet.)

Toward the end of the day, we let Elizabeth give fly casting a try.

Kelly even managed to help her find a cooperative Green Sunfish.

From the look of her reaction, this fly fishing thing may be more fun than snorkeling after all.

Kelly and I each caught a few bass and the usual helping of sunfish. For the first time in quite a while, I caught the best fish of the day...

which isn't really saying much.

As a side note, Kelly and I have noticed that these Alabama Bass (Micropterus henshalli), also known as Alabama Spotted Bass, have some pretty serious teeth.

They're certainly no sharks, but after a day of catching these guys, you can expect your thumb to be pretty well abraded.

Stay tuned for the soon forthcoming next post that features a rare freshwater shark sighting and a nice bass... or two... or four.


  1. Wonderful looking stream. It almost looks like the northeast.

    1. We're at two opposite ends of the Appalachians, but they definitely share some similarities. That first photo of Kelly by herself looks really western to me with that "wide open space" quality it has.