Sunday, May 20, 2012


Well, Kelly and her "Electric Damsel" blue BoogleBug popper did it again.

Yesterday we went to Cypress Creek, one of our favorite outdoor places, to introduce the OBN Fall River bamboo fly rod to some Southern style warmwater fly fishing... and, as usual, I was outfished by a girl. I kinda wish I had put the Fall River rod in her hand instead of keeping it to myself all day. I think today I'll let her use it so maybe she can catch another one like this...

This was Kelly's new personal best Smallmouth at nearly 18" and another solid addition to our Bass Slam total.

I think this is definitely another one worthy of the BoogleBug fly fishing reports gallery.

I was very proud of Kelly as always, but I couldn't help but wonder why she seems to have all of the luck lately.

I'm pretty sure it's karma... and this picture is the source of my bad fortune.

It's been almost three years since this picture was taken at Cypress Creek, but I'm pretty sure I'm still paying the price for it. The bass above was the last of three about this size that I caught that day. I had also caught a whole bunch of other fish (sunfish and Rock Bass) while Kelly was having a really slow day- just a few sunfish brought to hand. It was becoming a bit comical at this point (at least I thought so), and Kelly made me laugh hysterically when I asked her to come take a picture, and she replied, "take your own damn picture." I couldn't help but laugh... and I've been paying the price for that moment of laughter captured on film digitally for nearly three years now.

Karma's a %*!@#.

I'll be posting more about our adventures with the Fall River fly rod later this week, so stay tuned for more.