Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tornado Alley

I just got home from a members night preview of the IMAX film "Tornado Alley" at the Pink Palace Museum (our local Memphis natural and cultural history museum with the funny name). My sister invited me to tag along with her family, and it's pretty hard for me to pass up a free movie ticket... especially when the movie is of particular interest to me.

I had no idea we would be graced by the presence of the filmmaker and storm chaser extraordinaire Sean Casey. The man is a badass. He was on hand to introduce the film and give a little background on how the film was made... and of course talk a bit about the TIV that he designed and built. That's Tornado Intercept Vehicle for the uninitiated. I also had no idea that TIV 2 would be parked at the front entrance of the museum to welcome us to the show.


I apologize for the low quality photo. I took it with my work phone- a crappy Blackberry. I just felt the need to validate my claim. That vehicle is a bit of a celebrity. It's pretty much the star of the film.

The film was pretty cool and showed a lot of pretty amazing footage. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I'm just a bit fascinated by tornadoes. Tornado season has gotten an early start in 2012, and living in "Dixie Alley" can be pretty scary at this time of year. I admit my fascination with tornadoes is about 40% fear, about 40% in awe of their power, about 10% interest in the science, and 10% other (the TIV, cool old sirens, the movie "Twister", etc.).

Hopefully we won't have too many sleepless tornado nights in the coming days. I'll have my supply of chips just in case we do.


  1. Pretty scary, exciting stuff. I'll have to watch for the movie. I put tornadoes and bears in the same class. Scared to death, but to fascinated to move out of the way.

    1. On the scary scale: Tornadoes > Bears

  2. Tornados scare me! Last month was the first time in my life I had been in a Tornado warning or heard a tornado siren. Eerie! At least I don't live on the top floor of an apartment building made of essentially cardboard - oh wait, yes I do! Oh well.
    BTW - had yesterday afternoon off unexpectedly and cleaned up on the white bass (and a couple largemouth) with my spinning rod. Caught a few 15" SLAB whities. Going after them tomorrow with my fly rod. There's always room for one or two more if you're interested.

  3. Pretty cool. Those storm chasers have serious stones. We have tornados and big storm cells all around us tonight in N. GA. Not fun.