Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Legen- wait for it... dary" Christmas fishing

So maybe Kelly and I have watched a few too many episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" lately thanks to Netflix... but I couldn't resist when trying to come up with a title for this post. By the way, that show is awesome.

I guess I could have just called this post "The Legend of the Christmas Crawdad 3", but I didn't feel like the fishing was really worthy of that title. The weather conditions were much more favorable than what we experienced last year when we fished on Christmas, and I must admit I would much prefer the cold and snow over the hordes of bait dunkers raping the river. We saw a lot of fish leave the river Sunday... and I guess there's nothing terribly wrong with it. The Spring River is basically a "put and take" fishery after all, but it's hard to watch people killing the big holdover fish- three, four, and five pounders.

I also admit that I would have much preferred that Kelly and I had the chance to play with those fish before they departed in a bucket or on a stringer.

On Christmas Eve, I tied up four "Christmas Crawdads" for our day of fishing.

What else would I fish with on Christmas Day?

Well... I tried this thing too...

... but nobody wanted to play.

Our friend the "Christmas Crawdad" was mildly successful this time around- bringing four fish to hand while missing a couple more at the fault of the fisherman.

The Legend lives.

The fishing was nothing to compare with last Christmas.

I didn't catch that many fish, but I did manage to decorate a couple of trees along the river with Christmas Crawdad ornaments.

Kelly caught the best fish of the day...

... and of course a few more fish than I did... but who's counting?

Admittedly the fishing was nowhere close to legendary, but fishing on Christmas with my favorite fishing partner will always be memorable.

"High five" to that.


  1. I wish I could have "suited up" and went out with you. If not legendary, at least memorable.

  2. You guys are awesome!! Great read and I especially like the fact that you put "ornaments" on the trees as you fish... = )
    High Five for that!!

  3. Thanks Jay, I decorate trees as well. Nice to get out with your best fishing partner no matter what day it is.

  4. Nice. :) All the best to you both in the coming year!

  5. This post gets an A+ for the HIMYM reference alone.

  6. That show is almost as addicting as fishing.

  7. Thanks for the comments, everybody.

  8. Jay
    You know you and Kelly are fishing in a place I would love to fish in the spring or summer. The weather must have been warmer there than here, because I didn't see any heavy coats on you guys. What a great way to spend Christmas. It is getting closer to spot fishing on Smith, I will keep you guys posted.

  9. Really enjoyed the post!

    Wishing you and Kelly all the best in the new year.


  10. Can't beat getting out on the water on Christmas day , especially with the recent weather. I've only fished the Spring once (last year) but I found it a beautiful river with some really good fishing. It's a shame to see those big fish leaving on stringers , even if they are stocked fish. Regardless of how they arrived in the river, once they leave, that opportunity is gone for someone else. Wishing you guys a Happy New Year!

  11. Nice. I'd take that any day of the year. Great pic of you two there at the end of the post.

  12. Hey Jay,
    Congrats on a good trip. Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. Luckily for all of us on most days the size, origin, and number of fish aren't the most important things about fishing (unless you really killed it!)I've really enjoyed the time that I have spent on the Spring River. This past week my wife and I drove through Hardy on our way to the White/Norfork Rivers, and it was hard to drive by such a great fishery.
    I also wanted to introduce myself. Hi. My wife (and now son) and I just moved to Memphis in July. She and I both flyfish and we just bought a kayak, so you and I actually have a lot in common. I'm working on getting a blog started, if you click on my name it will connect you. Once on the blog the page "Meet the Family" will give you a pretty good bio of who we are. The rest of the blog still needs to get some kinks worked out. I would love to fish together sometime if you'd be interested. Either way, keep up the good fishing.

  13. Enjoyed the post, Jay! Have a great new year.

  14. How I met your mother IS awesome. we love that show too. Happy new year to you!

  15. Hey Jay,
    Nice blog and thanks for following mine. I'll be reading some of your old posts and might have some questions about kayaks come spring.

  16. Bill, you always have an open invitation for a guided trip to Spring River. I know I'm looking forward to bass season already.

    Sanders, thanks!

    HPFF, the Spring really doesn't get much respect, but it is a great fishery. It's a special place.

    Ty, thanks for stopping by.

    Kirk, nice to meet you... virtually speaking.

    Larry, thanks.

    David, it's quite addictive watching commercial-free 22 minute episodes on Netflix. At some point you just have pull the plug so you can get something else done.

    Bruce, ask away. If you're in the market for a fishing yak, the Emotion Grand Slam Angler is pretty hard to beat. I would also look at the Jackson Coosa (for rivers) and Cuda (for big water).