Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Legen- wait for it... dary" Christmas fishing

So maybe Kelly and I have watched a few too many episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" lately thanks to Netflix... but I couldn't resist when trying to come up with a title for this post. By the way, that show is awesome.

I guess I could have just called this post "The Legend of the Christmas Crawdad 3", but I didn't feel like the fishing was really worthy of that title. The weather conditions were much more favorable than what we experienced last year when we fished on Christmas, and I must admit I would much prefer the cold and snow over the hordes of bait dunkers raping the river. We saw a lot of fish leave the river Sunday... and I guess there's nothing terribly wrong with it. The Spring River is basically a "put and take" fishery after all, but it's hard to watch people killing the big holdover fish- three, four, and five pounders.

I also admit that I would have much preferred that Kelly and I had the chance to play with those fish before they departed in a bucket or on a stringer.

On Christmas Eve, I tied up four "Christmas Crawdads" for our day of fishing.

What else would I fish with on Christmas Day?

Well... I tried this thing too...

... but nobody wanted to play.

Our friend the "Christmas Crawdad" was mildly successful this time around- bringing four fish to hand while missing a couple more at the fault of the fisherman.

The Legend lives.

The fishing was nothing to compare with last Christmas.

I didn't catch that many fish, but I did manage to decorate a couple of trees along the river with Christmas Crawdad ornaments.

Kelly caught the best fish of the day...

... and of course a few more fish than I did... but who's counting?

Admittedly the fishing was nowhere close to legendary, but fishing on Christmas with my favorite fishing partner will always be memorable.

"High five" to that.