Monday, November 28, 2011

Remembering "the good, the bad, and the ugly": the day we were all outfished by a girl

This post is yet another one lacking fresh content.

Truthfully, I felt so bad for Bill ("Fishing Through Life" blogger) that I didn't know how to handle writing this post back in August when it was still fresh. Maybe now that a little time has passed it won't hurt so much to reflect on that fateful trip to Bear Creek.

"The GOOD": meeting up with a fellow OBN blogger

Bill and Trent just seconds before "The BAD" happened.

Bill and his nephew Trent had a really bad day, but at least one person in our flotilla was having more than her fair share of good luck... as usual.

Of the boys, I think I caught the most bass. I struck first, managed to land eight, and overall felt pretty good about my success.

First bass of the day, a Largemouth

But I knew Kelly was doing better than I, and as we neared the take out point I asked for an update on her total. "Nineteen" she said... and that was just the bass. She caught a good number of sunfish too, but she wasn't keeping count of those.

An insignificant Bluegill... not worth counting.

Kelly's best bass of the day, a 15" Spot

She told me she wanted to catch twenty before we finished... and of course she did... within fifty yards of the take out.

Between my eight and the handful of bass caught by the other gentlemen in the group, I'm pretty sure she outfished us all that day.

Even a team effort couldn't outdo her... but who's keeping score?


  1. Well Jay,
    Like me, if you choose to fish with someone you must accept that you're gonna get beat. But a group of you? I bury my head in shame.

  2. I think Kelly needs her own fishing blog to teach us men how to catch fish! It would be a hit.

  3. I went back and re-read Bill's post about that trip. Crazy stuff. Glad everyone came out ok.

    And dude, nineteen? Nineteen?

  4. Erin, I agree.

    Cofisher, maybe if you had been on the team we would have had a tie.

    Larry, it probably would be a hit, but I don't think it will happen anytime soon.

    Ty, I'm glad no one was hurt too, but Bill might not think he came out OK... he did lose a nice rod and reel.
    And nineteen? It was actually twenty!

  5. Jay
    There are some things you never forget, and that one trip will always stay labeled in my mindless brain. At the take out for lunch that day I suggested to Trent to take the canoe around the falls, but he insisted on making the run. Something told me that the canoe we were in was a bit tipsy at the beginning of the float but I never said anything at that point, so we paid the price dearly. I still can’t get over the fact that I lost all that equipment, and flies. I am still in the process of replacing the equipment. Trent says he will never go back because it brings back such horrid memories. As you stated the only good part of the trip were you and Kelly making a day of it with all the fish you guys landed, especially Kelly. You learn lessons in life and that is one that will stick with me forever.

  6. Bill, thanks for commenting. I'm just glad we all made it out safely. I apologize for making you relive that day again in your mind, but I thought Kelly needed to be reminded of how awesome she is.

  7. Jay
    I have told you this before but I will tell you again, you are one lucky guy to have Kelly by your side. She is one remarkable lady. We all need to make a trip early spring on Smith for the spots.

  8. WHOOP! Let's hear it for the girl! Congratulations, Kelly, may you have taught the boys a thing or two about fly fishing!

    Girls rock!

  9. I haven't even made it that far into your blog yet, but from the looks of it Kelly's been kicking your ass on a pretty regular basis. I know that's gotta smart, but take comfort -- the way she's outfishing everybody makes for some truly entertaining reading!

  10. FlyFshrGrl, thanks for stopping by. Although I am not one myself, I agree... girls do rock!

    Jo, thanks for reading. I'm glad you've found it to be entertaining.

  11. Kelly is one handy woman with a fly rod!

    Bridget is going to start fly fishing next year...pretty soon I will be sharing stories of her brilliance, and my skunkings...seems about right though.

    Great post Jay!

  12. Sanders, enjoy being "outfished by a girl"... it's been a lot of fun for me.

  13. Nice gill. Love those big stump knockers. Look like you guys get out a lot.

  14. Hope you guys had a great Christmas! Did you and Kelly continue the fishing tradition you started last year? Your faithful readers need an update.

    P.S. I'm still waiting to see my awesome, "professional" snake trap on the blog!