Monday, November 28, 2011

Remembering "the good, the bad, and the ugly": the day we were all outfished by a girl

This post is yet another one lacking fresh content.

Truthfully, I felt so bad for Bill ("Fishing Through Life" blogger) that I didn't know how to handle writing this post back in August when it was still fresh. Maybe now that a little time has passed it won't hurt so much to reflect on that fateful trip to Bear Creek.

"The GOOD": meeting up with a fellow OBN blogger

Bill and Trent just seconds before "The BAD" happened.

Bill and his nephew Trent had a really bad day, but at least one person in our flotilla was having more than her fair share of good luck... as usual.

Of the boys, I think I caught the most bass. I struck first, managed to land eight, and overall felt pretty good about my success.

First bass of the day, a Largemouth

But I knew Kelly was doing better than I, and as we neared the take out point I asked for an update on her total. "Nineteen" she said... and that was just the bass. She caught a good number of sunfish too, but she wasn't keeping count of those.

An insignificant Bluegill... not worth counting.

Kelly's best bass of the day, a 15" Spot

She told me she wanted to catch twenty before we finished... and of course she did... within fifty yards of the take out.

Between my eight and the handful of bass caught by the other gentlemen in the group, I'm pretty sure she outfished us all that day.

Even a team effort couldn't outdo her... but who's keeping score?