Sunday, October 9, 2011


It's been over a month since my last post.

That somehow feels like a confession... but can I be forgiven for my blogging sins?

Apparently some of my followers aren't the forgiving type. In the past week I've watched my number of followers dwindling as the impatient apparently jumped ship. To those of you with a little patience, I thank you.

So where have I been for the last month?

I was in Marietta, Georgia training for my new job. I was pretty much sequestered there for three weeks. Soon after I arrived, I contacted Owl Jones to get some advice from a local for fishing near Atlanta, but I ended up having much less free time than I would have expected. I also took all of my fly tying supplies, but never tied the first fly in Georgia. What little free time I had was spent trying to catch up on sleep.

During that three weeks, I was only able to go fishing once on the Chattahoochee River. Kelly came to visit me during my first weekend in Georgia. We visited the Georgia Aquarium on Saturday the 17th and fished "the Hooch" on Sunday the 18th of September. Of course Kelly did better than I did. She at least got a hook up with a pretty nice Brown Trout, but it unhooked itself after about four seconds of fun. We got a good look at it, and it would have easily been Kelly's new personal best Brown at around 16". You may remember that Kelly has only caught one Brown thus far, and it wasn't exactly a lunker.

I almost ruined our day by forgetting my rod back at the hotel, which shaved about an hour off of our fishing time by the time we returned to the river fully outfitted. We only fished for about an hour and a half before Kelly got bored, and we decided to call it a day. I admit I was pretty bored too since I didn't even get a chance to feel a fish on the line.

I was also pretty worn out. My training was something of a boot camp. For the next two weeks, I would spend long days in a classroom and even longer days out in the field training for my new gig. I never got a chance to get back down to "the Hooch"... or anywhere else to wet a line for that matter. The closest I got to a river was this fine piece of artwork in my hotel room...

I imagine there's a nice Smallie in that little plunge pool.

In case you're still reading this and wondering what in the heck it is I'm doing for a living now... I'll just say that I'm actually getting to apply my degree in Biology... and I won't be in any short supply of these...

Seriously, if you can make use of Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) tails in your fly tying, please don't hesitate to ask.

I must confess, The Naturalist's Angle was born out of having lots of free time due to unemployment, and it has continued into periods of employment that were merely full-time (forty hours per week) or less. My new job may have me working more than forty, and I hope to keep up the blog as I have less and less free time.

Please forgive me if work gets in the way of my blogging.


  1. I am not hesitating to ask... I would love some gray squirrel tail. Drop me a line.



  2. I can relate with the "no time to blog". Don't sweat it. There are much bigger and better things around than blogging. We'll be here to read when you post.

    Best wishes on your new endeavor!


  3. Glad to have you back, Jay! Can certainly relate to the "too busy to blog" but I don't have as good an excuse. Now, too busy too fish is another matter.

    Hope your new gig works out to be all you hope for!

  4. Nothing to forgive round here. You post when you can, I will catch you on my reader. Congratulations Jay! mike

  5. Sinner! Seriously though I get it. No worries.

  6. Sorry Jay, it's been too long since I've checked on you. Hope you get some time on the water soon. I've had the same conundrum- started the blog when I was unemployed, built a small but loyal following, then got so busy this summer and fall that I had no time to write about what fishing I did. Glad to see you back.

  7. Good to have you back to the blog! I have had major internet issues over the last few weeks which appear to be fixed. Good Luck on your new job.

  8. Thanks for the comments, everybody. It's nice to know that some of you still remember me... and hadn't given up on me.

  9. No need to ask for forgiveness...I'm glad the Naturalist's Angle pooped up on the blogroll this morning.

    Good luck with the new gig! looking forward to your posts...frequent or not.


  10. Sanders, I think you meant "popped"... but I'll be happy to "poop" on anyone's blog roll who is interested in reading.

  11. Jay
    You are forgiven, because if you have a job in today's economy you should fell lucky. I am glad everything has worked out for you. No good news on the lake lately. Glad you are back

  12. I have used squirrels tail for streamers after I removed an unlucky guy from my chimney. His loss was my gain. Welcome back and good luck with new job. FYI, the Chattooga is my local favorite and I can always use another squirrel tail.

  13. More than anything else, I was a bit worried about what happened to you. You're a special friend and I truly missed your posts and adventures.

  14. Ty, thanks!

    Joel, As soon as I get enough collected I'll get a few in the mail to you. Alex was first in line so he'll be getting the first lot. You'll be next. Wish I had gotten to fish the Chattooga. I'm sure I'll have to return to headquarters in Marietta at some point. Hopefully I'll have more free time when I do.

    Howard, thank you. That means a lot, and I would feel the same if you disappeared for a month. Maybe I can arrange an adventure this weekend so I'll have something to write about.

  15. Life Happens...I'm pretty sure that we all understand that scenario. Good luck with the new job and I'll still be around to read your posts no matter how few and far between they become.

  16. Nice Jay. Congrats on the new job. I'm sure once you settle in a bit, everything will fall into place. Plus, since this was always my first stop for snake capturing video, I hope I can expect more of the same from tree vermin.

  17. I have been and still am going through the same thing. Congratulations.

  18. T!, thanks. I'm not sure there will ever be any videos... that might be too graphic for all viewing audiences.

    Jamie, thanks. I at least got to go fishing this past weekend. I'll post about that later.

  19. Had not realized you had taken the hiatus as well. Congratulations on your new job, and I hope it allows you to at least fish, even if you can't blog.

    Now, what biology using gray squirrel tails have you landed? That sounds like a blog story in and of itself.

    Have lots of fun!

  20. FlyFshrGrl, I'm sure I'll let everyone know what I'm doing at some point, but it's still kinda new so I'm not really ready to fully disclose yet.