Thursday, August 11, 2011

Outfished by a girl as usual

It's becoming quite a regular theme around here...

Smallmouth Bass, Bluewater Creek, Alabama

Kelly and I discovered a new creek in north Alabama, and briefly fished there Sunday morning on our purposely indirect route from Memphis to Birmingham. Saturday night we camped at Joe Wheeler State Park which looked like it would be a really great place to access Wheeler Lake by kayak. It was our first time there, but I'm quite sure it won't be our last. We got up just a bit before sunrise on Sunday and drove from the park to the creek. I'll just say the creek is near the park, but I won't tell you where to access it. Finding access is part of the fun.

The irresistible "Luscious Lemon" popper

The popper in the photo was sent to me courtesy of Jeff who writes the blog Fly Fishing & Tying Obsessed. Not too long ago he posted a contest to name a few of his popper patterns. The name that I submitted, "Luscious Lemon", was chosen for the yellow popper above. My prize was the popper that I helped name. It took me far too long to put it to use. Since I knew Kelly would do a better job with it than I would... I graciously suggested she use it. It produced the best fish of our morning. Jeff ties some pretty awesome poppers as well as a pattern he calls the "Roadkill Nymph" that I think looks really good.

Once again, all I brought to hand were a couple small Rock Bass and a single Redbreast Sunfish... no Smallies for me. I did hook up briefly with a decent Channel Catfish- probably about three pounds, but it was a pretty small hook (size 10) for that size catfish... and of course the fish quickly rolled the hook out of its mouth.

Just my luck lately.


  1. Like you, I often get out-fished by Pam. But we still got the better of the deal...we got our girls!

  2. Cofisher, it's that part of the deal that makes being outfished okay.

    Clif, there's a story behind the hat... but maybe Kelly should tell her own hat story.

  3. Being outfished by a girl..... I've noticed that lately.

    Great job Kelly

  4. Being outfished by a girl isn't so long as she doesn't beat you at arm wrestling I think your OK. I personally look forward to being outfished by two girls in particular someday, specifically my two daughters.

  5. Maybe you can claim that she just had a really good teacher. The nice thing about's always changing.

  6. Maybe you were outfished, but who you rather be outfished by? Sounds like a perfect day to me. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Jay, if you guys ever make it out to Colorado, I think you and I could team up and between us we should be able to beat one of them.

  8. Nothing wrong with that. Great post!

  9. Alan, I've noticed too... and it's starting to become a little frustrating.

    Kiwi, she still asks me to open jars with the lids on too tight, so I at least have that.

    HPFF, I like to think I deserve at least a little credit.

    Mike, Kelly is probably the only person who I really want to catch more/bigger than me.

    Cofisher, I think you might be on to something.

    Sanders, glad you enjoyed it.

  10. Jay
    I have a feeling Kelly is going to teach all of us a thing or two when it comes to landing bass on Bear Creek in a couple of weeks.

  11. Well at least you fish with a girl! All I fish with is Buttermilk (my fishing buddy). Nice catch, Kelly.