Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A song for Kelly

I know my faithful followers are anxiously awaiting my report on our trip to the U.P. of Michigan, but for whatever reason I've got a bit of writer's block on that story. Maybe it's because there isn't much of a story. We had a good time, but in some ways the trip was rather low key. I probably feel that way because we didn't have much fishing success. Well, anyway, most of what I have to share from our trip will be photos and I'll start getting that post together tonight.

In the meantime, here's Kelly's best catch of the trip from Rock Creek (Kankakee River tributary) in Illinois:

Also, I heard this song on the radio today and couldn't help but think of Kelly. So, if you're listening out there...
Kelly, this long distance dedication is for you...

Oh yeah, my baby loves to... FISH!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eight things I learned about the U.P.

A brief summary of what I learned on our trip to the Upper Peninsula...

1. A "river" in Michigan's Upper Peninsula wouldn't qualify as a river in my part of the country. We have minimum size requirements. In the U.P., any trickle that flows into Lake Superior is a "river."

2. The days of summer are long when you're that far north. A 10 PM sunset was a new experience. Pretty cool to have that much daylight... but I'm a bit of a nocturnal naturalist and prefer a bit more dark of night.

3. The supposed great fishing to be found in the U.P. isn't easy to find. In fact, we never found it. We apparently came close according to a local fly fishing guide we met... but of course we didn't wade far enough downstream to reach the good spots.

4. "Yoopers" talk funny.

5. The mosquitoes and biting flies of the U.P. in July rival are worse than anything you might ever encounter in a southern swamp.

6. It isn't that difficult to find southern style sweet tea in the U.P.... which is a very good thing. Kelly has to have her sweet tea.

7. At least every other vehicle has a kayak (often two kayaks) strapped to the roof. It appears to be permanent storage for some, but regardless, if you want to look cool in the U.P., you must have at least one small rotomolded plastic boat strapped to the roof of your car. Fortunately for us, we fit right in with the cool kids.

8. If you're interested in kayaking, or pretty much any other type of outdoor adventure in the U.P., "Uncle Ducky" is the man you need to see. Here are his websites:

"Uncle Ducky" sold us our kayaking tour package of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore that included my new Emotion Grand Slam Angler kayak. It was my Christmas gift from Kelly. (Thanks, babe.) We took one kayak with us to the U.P. and came back with two. Definitely the best souvenir I ever brought home from a trip.

"Christmas in July"

I'll be posting more about our great northern adventure (including photos) soon. Y'all come back and check 'em out.