Monday, June 20, 2011

More family fishing, fly rod only

At a family gathering Saturday at my sister's house, I made an offer for "free fly fishing lessons" out by the pond.

Who could refuse "free"?

Most of the family actually... but I had a couple of takers. Two of my nephews decided that fishing was the most interesting thing going at the moment and joined me down at the waters edge.

I tried to explain the basic mechanics of fly casting and demonstrated (albeit poorly) a basic cast. I pretty much handed over the two rods I had with me and gave a few pointers on casting as needed. I really let them learn on their own... and they both did very well.

Robert, my oldest nephew, played the trombone in a very competitive high school marching band, and I really think his musical sense of timing helped him establish a rhythm. He quickly adapted to sidearm casting under the overhanging trees, and even caught a couple of fish. John Curtis, Robert's younger brother, did very well casting too, even though he missed out on catching a fish. He had a bit of difficulty with line management and hook setting, but I know he'll figure that out in time.

Robert's first fly rod fish

Robert with the big fish of the day

I managed to catch two small Bluegill and one 6" Largemouth in the few minutes that I actually fished. I mostly stood back and coached. The day was about family after all, and it was really nice to see my nephews try their hands at something that I have enjoyed so much.  The suburban subdivision pond proved to be a great place to let them learn. The only thing that would have made it better is if John Curtis had hooked up with one. I could tell he was a bit disappointed, but I'm sure he wouldn't hesitate to give it another go.

Maybe one day they'll join me on a river. They have an open invitation.


  1. Ah, and the "infection" spreads! Nice work. ;) I hope they take you up on the river invitation...from the smile on Robert's face, I bet he will!

  2. Well done Jay! Glad you were able to spread the good cheer of fly fishing :-) Hopefully you can get John Curtis out again so he can get his revenge...

  3. It's great when you can introduce something new to someone. Good Job!

  4. I'm sure you are a great instructor Jay...after all, look how well Kelly does. The nephews will probably become addicted thanks to you. Good job.

  5. Isn't it funny how helping someone else to catch a fish or two is often much more rewarding than if you had caught them yourself. That smile in the last pic says it all...great job.

  6. that's right! spread the love.

  7. Jay
    Congrats on getting both your nephews into fly fising. I hope they will come back and want to do some fishing with you in the future. Thanks for taking the time to help my nephew Trent out in finding some places to fish in Arkansas. They did manage to land some gills and largemouth bass. We need to look at a trip over there next spring.