Sunday, June 12, 2011

Family fishing and a small victory for the fly rod

Kelly had the opportunity to go fishing with her brother Kevin and his family on Saturday. They live in south Mississippi, and Kelly is currently in Hattiesburg teaching summer camps at the University of Southern Mississippi. I know Kelly was really excited to get to spend some quality time with her niece Kellen whom she doesn't get to see very often. Kellen was also excited about going fishing with her aunt.

Kellen catches a Dollar Sunfish (Lepomis marginatus).

The proud angler shows off her catch.

Kellen caught two fish on crickets with her very own tiny pink spinning rod, and then aunt Kelly worked with her to land one on the fly rod.


Kelly was really excited when she called me Saturday evening, and the first words out of her mouth were simply "I win." Kelly and the long rod outfished all other methods including bait.

Big Bluegill (L. macrochirus) can't resist a woolly bugger.

In total, Kelly caught fifteen large Bluegill plus a few dinks and one 12" Largemouth Bass. Elizabeth, Kevin's wife and Kellen's mom, caught one small catfish on a stink bait. Kevin, who fished with spinning gear and lures, didn't catch any. At the end of the day, he was quite annoyed that he had been thoroughly outfished by a girl with a fly rod.

Welcome to my world, brother.


  1. Not only did he get outfished by a girl, but he and I got outfished by Kellen. Way to go girls!

  2. Great stuff right there. That two foot long spinning rod is cracking me up.

  3. That thing is a pain to cast and a pain to set the hook.

  4. Absolute perfect fishng trip, teaching one how to fish and the pro showing everyone else up. Kelly is out to prove a point. Great Post Jay.

  5. Kelly strikes again! Great post...and looks like Kellen had a fun time...well done :-)