Friday, May 27, 2011

The real deal and plague makers

Kelly did some computer geek work and was able to salvage all that was on the hard drive of the dead laptop. So, as promised... I present the real deal and plague makers.

The real Kelly with the real Yellow Perch.

Periodical Cicadas (Magicicada tredecim) mating.

I think my drawing was pretty close, but you can decide for yourself...

I also wanted to show the Rock Bass that I caught on the Bunny Butt Slider.

Kelly and I will be fishing on Memorial Day at one of our favorite outdoor places.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend. While you're enjoying it, be sure to take a moment to remember the men and women who have served and are currently serving our country.

If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be able to enjoy three day weekends or favorite outdoor places.


  1. Hey Buddy, I hope you and Kelly have a terrific weekend. That's the biggest perch I've ever personally seen. Good one.

  2. Great looking perch. Could have done without the cicadas, I see enough of those during the summer....

  3. Healthy looking perch.
    Well done on the drawing, especially off the perch.

  4. Perch are beautiful fish. Never caught one that big though. Very nice.

  5. i guess we can chalk up the lack of sunglasses to an artist's interpretation. well done.

  6. Glad the photos were able to be salvaged...although your drawing was pretty close!

    Nice looking perch...that thing is a monster!

  7. Biggest perch I've ever seen - wish they grew that big round these parts. Ours stunt out at about 8 inches average.

    Nice drawing too

  8. What a great picture of the cicadas. Good eye to spot them!

    Kelly - That is a beautiful yellow perch! What a catch for your first perch.

    Hope you two had a great Memorial Day weekend.


  9. Thanks for all of the comments, guys. The perch was really nice. I'm glad you have all confirmed (for Kelly) just how nice it was.
    I'm finally back online with a new (although not that nice) computer.