Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Doomsday fishing, a plague of "locusts," and a dead laptop

As most of you are probably aware... the rapture didn't happen as predicted.

I can't say that I was worried much about it, but when Kelly and I arrived at Cypress Creek on Saturday there was a sign of the apocalypse straight out of the book of Revelation (Chapter 9). A plague of "locusts" greeted us at our chosen fishing destination.

It wasn't exactly a plague of Biblical proportions, but we did see our fair share of "locusts." Well, not really locusts, but cicadas. Even though they bear no resemblance to true locusts, cicadas are often called "locusts" by people who just don't know any better. All day long we were surrounded by the drone of Periodical Cicadas (Magicicada tredecim) from "The Great Southern Brood" (also known as "Brood XIX"). I think we were actually just catching the tail end of the mass emergence, because there were already a ton of cicada wings on the ground... evidence of cicadas that had been eaten by birds.

Since the cicadas were about in mass numbers (and frequently falling into the water), I decided to give this pattern a try...

Not one I tied... Bass Pro purchased.

I had high hopes it might tempt a selective Smallmouth to the surface, but all I managed to catch with it was a single Rock Bass (Ambloplites rupestris). There were a lot of smaller sunfish that were interested, but the size 2 hook was just too big for them.

I had a lot more luck with the Bunny Butt Slider, landing several more Rock Bass and a large Redbreast Sunfish (Lepomis auritus)... but unfortunately I don't have any photos to prove it. Somebody (me) forgot to put the memory card in the camera, so we were only able to take a handful of pictures... but that's not the reason I don't have any photos to show at the moment. Our laptop decided to die on us Sunday afternoon, and when somebody (Kelly) downloaded the photos from the camera they decided to delete them from the camera's internal memory. Our doomsday fishing trip pictures now exist only on the desktop of a dead computer. I really hope we can retrieve them... and all of the other files saved to the hard drive.

One of those pictures was of Kelly's catch of the day. As is usually the case, Kelly caught more fish than I did. I think the score was like 30 to 6, but who's counting? I never even got a look from a decent fish, but Kelly watched a quality Smallie grab the tail (but unfortunately not the hook) of her giant Woolly Bugger. As annoying as it was to have been thoroughly outfished by a girl again, Kelly decided to really show me up by catching a nice Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) toward the end of the day. I've never even caught a Yellow Perch on the fly, so I admit I was a bit jealous... but as always, very proud of Kelly. She further salted the wound when she immediately caught a second one. Due to our limited photo storage capacity, we only took a picture of the first one. It looked something like this....

Kelly with her Yellow Perch

Maybe one day I'll get to share the real photo, along with a nice one Kelly took of a mating pair of cicadas... hard at work creating the next generation of apocalyptic plague.

"Doomsday 2024" awaits them.


  1. sorry to hear that the laptop died. from the looks of it, it was quite a nice perch. have you ever run into a cicada killer (a wasp of some sort)? Absolutely huge. As a youth, one made it's home in the garden in the front yard of my house. Considering it was as big as a finger, I ran to and from the front door when leaving and entering the house.

    all tangents aside...what was I talking about?

  2. Cicada killers... I think... and to answer your question, yes, I know them well. I've even seen how they earned their name. It's impressive to watch them take down a cicada in mid-air.

    Kelly's perch was a nice one. I may have exaggerated a bit in my drawing, but hopefully I'll get to compare it to the real picture soon... and share it with all five of my faithful followers.

  3. I forgot to mention that I like the new look. Kelly must keep pretty busy making you look good.

    Nice trip and nice drawing...Kelly again?

    Seriously though are cicadas the one's that go crunch when you step on them?

  4. Cofisher, Kelly just catches lots of fish. I'm responsible for all blog design and artwork. Cicadas crunch like most insects, but I try to avoid stepping on them.

  5. Great post...outfished by a girl. :) I like that. hehe! Love the "drawing" picture! Cheers...

  6. Love the picture, however I was wearing my pink bass of America shirt.

  7. Being out fished by a girl is not all bad. Just think if your girl didn't fish. Nice drawing by the way.

  8. Great drawing, and post! The cicadas around Nashville are pretty loud in their large numbers, but I think we only have another week or two...I hope anyway.

  9. Erin, glad you enjoyed a laugh at my expense.

    K, sorry babe, I didn't have a pink Sharpie marker.

    Larry, I'm very grateful that Kelly does fish. I'm actually OK with her catching more and better than I do... I taught her most of what she knows after all.

    FamilyWilds, I think the cicadas are awesome. I wish we had them here. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I like the shirt Kelly is rocking, we have a couple in our closet, but I think they say A Field Guide To Missouri Fish - same premise. Ha.

    I hope you can get the pics too, the mating cicadas pic, I am sure, is very cool.

    Kudos to Kelly kicking butt again!


  11. Stephanie, Kelly really was wearing that shirt. Although, as she mentioned above, it was the pink one not the blue one. She has two that I gave her as our official "Bass Slam" tour shirts. I really hope we can salvage the pics.

  12. Jay
    Bring that Bass Pro fly when you come down. Early morning has not produced like last year. I think it has to do with the water temps still in the mid 70's. Just email me a couple of days before and I will have everything set up.

  13. As you know, there are a lot worse things than being out fished by a girl :-)

    Kelly looks happy with the perch!