Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Best.... potato... chips... ever.

Tonight looks to be a long night.

The sirens cry out their warnings in the city of Memphis.

My hometown is situated squarely in the middle of what may be the new "tornado alley." For those of you who live in the central portion of the country... you understand. For those of you that never have lived in this part of the U.S., I offer the following video... so maybe you can get a true idea of what a tornado warning siren sounds like. This is the view from the carport of my house. There's not much to see except that lightning lights up the sky like the noonday sun at approximately 1:13. The video is really just for sound effect... you can let it play as you read on if you want to feel like you're right here in "tornado alley" with me.

Needless to say, it's hard to think about going to bed when a line up of tornado spawning storms are moving through the area, and the siren is sounding off from the top of the neighborhood middle school.

So, here I am unable to sleep, thinking about fishing... and blogging, and I figured now was as good a time as any to address the latest writing prompt from the Outdoor Blogger Network.

So, here's my new favorite snack that I hope to take along on many future outdoor adventures. I only recently discovered them, and they may be the best... potato... chips... ever.

Gratuitously placed fly rod and book to remind you what this blog is supposed to be about.

For a long time, I've held SunChips in pretty high esteem... and they still have their rightful place among the fishing trip snacks. It's just that I have a new favorite. These Kettle Brand Spicy Thai chips are real, fried, "old school" potato chips... not "multigrain snacks"... so I guess they might be in a slightly different category of junk food than SunChips.

SunChips are a slightly healthier choice with a few less calories, and a few less grams of fat. That's probably why I like the Spicy Thai chips better. They're dangerous.

In case you're a fan of Thai food, and you're wondering what these chips really taste like, I can tell you that they do have a hint of Thai flavor. You won't feel like you've just eaten Pad Thai in the form of a chip... but if you like Thai food, you would probably enjoy them.

Maybe one day I'll post something fly fishing focused again. In case you want to read something that is actual fly fishing content, you can check out an article I wrote for Examiner.com on fly rod length.

By the way, I almost ate the whole bag of those chips while I was writing this.

I think there may be one serving (1 oz.) left.

I don't suspect it will survive the night.


  1. Potato chips.
    One of our finest pleasures.
    I have a favorite, Cape Cod, they are also kettle cooked, and somewhat local.

    Good post Jay

  2. Even though I live in NY, I can appreciate the kind of night you were describing. We may never see the likes of tornadoes like they see in the plains but small ones do touch down once in a while in the Hudson Valley where I grew up. Years ago the roof on our elementary school gym was torn off by a small tornado. Not the kind of weather I enjoy seeing.

  3. It has been a weird spring for us, not once have we heard thunder, or warning sires. Two things that have been a spring ritual since I can remember. Venus appreciates the lack of storms, she hates the vibrations of the thunder.

    As a fan of Kettle Brand, I have tried almost all the flavors, but this Spicy Thai is new to me. I need to make a point to stop and get some. I'm not a junk food person, but I love me some Kettle Chips, and Owl Jones has me craving a cupcake.

    You and Kelly stay safe!


  4. I LOVE Thai food. Probably my favorite, so these are definitely going on the list. I'll also head over to check out your rod length post. It's like those old commercials... "the more you know." I need to know some stuff.

  5. Aaahh Sunchips. I love them. Add a little cheese to the Garden Salsa or how about the Monterey Jack and Sundried tomatoes. Very yummy.

    Anyways, I understand about the weather. We are getting crushed with rain here. The river I fish is in a flood stage and is now 20 feet higher than normal. So much for fishing!


  6. Oh yes...Sun Chips (harvest cheddar for me) are almost always on my must buy to go camping list. I haven't seen these new type of chips, but if they can beat out Sun Chips, I'm willing to give them a try and take them on my next trip!

  7. Thanks to all for stopping by and checking out my favorite chips.

  8. You left unsupervised = staying up late, dreaming of fishing, and loading up on either chips or, more often than not, cookies. At least I don't have to worry about you running up a high pay-per-view bill if you get my drift... however, the food budget gets hit from time to time.

  9. K, what are you tryin' to say?

  10. One of my enduring memories from my days at Memphis State was those dang sirens going off as I was walking from the library (the "Stacks" in those days) back to my room at Richardson Towers. Still gives me the willies just thinking about it.

    "You left unsupervised...". Pretty good. Laughed out loud when I read that.

  11. Nice. You know from my blog I've got some food fetishes myself - those chips look damn good. Have had the Kettle chips before, but don't think I've ever seen that variety. Will keep an eye out.

  12. I love Kettle chips of all kinds. Boulder chips have some interesting flavors; Marijuana Marmalade, Homeless Honey and Reality Reeks.

  13. Thanks for the comments, gentlemen.
    Ty, Kelly thinks she's funny. I figured you might remember tornado nights in the "big M."
    Mike, I enjoy all the other Kettle varieties too, but these are unique. I've never had another chip with the same flavor.
    Cofisher, Boulder chips sound like a company with a sense of humor. They must be a CO local variety... or at least they don't make their way to the South.

  14. I finally found a bag of these at my international market. Damn they are good. I bought a bag and broke them open in the truck before leaving the parking lot. I liked them enough that I went back and bought 3 more bags cause it is a 25 minute drive to this place and needed backup. Thanks for introducing me to this

  15. Dustin, glad you like them, and you are certainly welcome for the tip. I wouldn't exactly call them "international" but I guess you find 'em where you find 'em. I would imagine you could probably find them at Whole Foods Market and other similar high class grocery establishments... like Fresh Market on my side of the country.

  16. These are good chips, I've stuffed my face with all manners of potato chips. But Salt and Vinegar is always my favorite.

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