Sunday, January 30, 2011

"The Unaccomplished Angler" retires, but will he "pull a Favre"?

Kirk Werner (not to be confused with the similar sounding Kurt Warner), the author of the fly fishing blog "The Unaccomplished Angler", has supposedly gone into retirement.

Is it some sort of publicity stunt?

Will he return from retirement just before the (fishing) season starts?

Does he think that just because his name sounds so similar to an NFL quarterback that he needs to pull a Brett Favre on us?

To be perfectly honest, I hope he does pull a Favre. Not only does he write an excellent blog about his "un-accomplishments" as a fly fisher, he has authored and illustrated several fly fishing themed children's books featuring a character he created, Olive the Little Woolly Bugger. His books have received excellent feedback and reviews. I haven't read them personally (thanks in part to the fact that I don't have any kids), but if their quality is anything like his blog then I'm sure they are excellent. I can say that the character artwork is exceptional from what is shown on the website.

In a series of five posts on the Olive the Woolly Bugger blog, Kirk details his attempts to contact Oprah Winfrey regarding his Olive the Woolly Bugger books. He really wants to have his books included on Oprah's Kids' Reading List, but what author wouldn't want Oprah's blessing? He even made an xtranormal video using animated characters to portray the hypothetical scenario of how it would play out if he ran into Oprah while out fishing and had the chance to tell her about his books.

I think there is a strong possibility that Kirk is somewhere lurking around Chi-town trying to get a copy of Olive the Woolly Bugger in Oprah's hands. Some might call it stalking, but that's what any good fly fisher (even an unaccomplished one) does, right? The fly fisher stalks the fish and makes the perfect cast at just the right moment. It's a fly fisher's way... it's not creepy or anything like that. Maybe Kirk is just taking a hiatus to make that perfect cast for Olive... if he is, I wish him well.


  1. Nice post Jay. I agree with your assessment of the Unaccomplished Angler and hope that Kirk finds Oprah before fishing season.

  2. I've actually met this Werner person you speak of, and he is not to be trusted.I've read his blog, which is marginal at best. To be honest, he's a bit long-winded for my tastes and his retirement actually came as a relief to me. However, his children's books featuring Olive the woolly bugger are excellent, so I hope he makes good use of his reprieve from blogging to create more books in the series.

  3. If he is working on more books then there is hope. I think his creative voice is the kind that the greater fly fishing community needs, and whether it's in the form of "The Unaccomplished Angler" or "Olive the Woolly Bugger," it's good to know he might still be out there contributing in his own special way.

  4. Unlike Favre - I hope he does come back if not just to add a random post every now and then.

  5. I like the thought of him stalking an oprah looking fish in a stream. Even in the water she is probably promoting a book. great post :)

  6. Mr. Nash,
    You have a very interesting imagination. If Oprah was a fish, she would be the most amazing fish ever, and all of the other fish would want to join her school. She would routinely give away to her followers some of her "favorite things" which would include a big mayfly to eat, a nice rock to hang behind out of the current, a log jam to hide under, and the purest mountain spring water on earth.
    Okay, enough of the silliness.

  7. Ha. agreed. She would rule the waters and create her own television channel.

    Moving away from the "O", congrats! Looks like you picked up a sweet 50 bones at cabelas.

    Nice work :)

  8. Thanks, d. nash... somebody had to win... I'm glad it was me.