Sunday, January 16, 2011

Siberian Husky Clouser Minnow

Last night, as I was tying up another "Marabou Clouser Minnow", I realized I had plenty of hair for tying Clouser Minnows laying on the floor at my feet. It was quite an epiphany.

Meet Montana, our suddenly more useful Siberian Husky

Kelly and I have discussed the possibilities of tying flies using hair from this silly beast before, but I've never actually tried it... until now...

The Siberian Husky Clouser Minnow

I tied the Husky Clouser using the same hook, thread, eyes, and polyester metallic floss as in the Marabou Clouser. The metallic floss body is pretty well hidden, but I'm hopeful it will create a little flash when it's in action. I may have gotten a little carried away and used a bit too much hair. This stuff is very dense, and I had to pick the undercoat away from the longer hairs in order to make it a little more workable.

I harvested Montana's hair from two separate patches of color. The first clump I took was as close as I could find to pure white. (The dog could be cleaner, but he hasn't had a bath since it got really cold... drying a wet husky is no fun... especially when it's cold.) The second clump I cut from an area of gray with black tips. Once again, I tried to create a little countershading by using the gray on top.

The hair I used came from Montana's shoulder area where his coat is about 3" thick. Some of the hair on his tail is over 6" long...

I think I see some really big Husky streamers catching some big bass in the not so distant future.

This could get fun.


  1. Jay
    The Dog-Gone Clouser looks like a winner. It should have great action with the shad imitation look.

  2. To quote a horrible Paulie Shore movie:

    "Shave the Poochie Poochie!"

    Looks even better than the marabou.

  3. Thanks for stopping by to check out my foolishness. I suspect it may actually work, but I think the marabou will have much better action. Maybe I should do a little experimenting... collect a little data on which produces more (or bigger) fish and report back here.

  4. That looks pretty sharp! I bet it catches more than the marabou.

    Pet hair flies seem to be something most people consider. Here's mine from last year

  5. that'll fish! pretty cool the way you blended the color..
    looking forward to the fish's review of it, for sure.

  6. Funny stuff..."Here Montana, time for a hair cut"! Ha. It could work out to be a very successful partnership!

  7. Who woulda thought you'd use hair from your dog like this? Seems I learn something new everyday. Great photos!

  8. Way to be resourceful! I get dubbing from our cat, Zeeba. He clearly doesn't seem to mind the harvesting process.

  9. Brilliant my friend and beautiful tie. I've thought about using my dog before, but he doesn't float.

  10. There's comfort in knowing I'm not the only one out there who has considered using pet hair for fly tying. I've read several pieces online about people doing this, but I've yet to actually see any of the end products. That was part of my reason for sharing my handiwork.
    ... and Cofisher, I think I heard somewhere that fish feed below the surface around 90% percent of the time. I'm really hoping this little doggy byproduct sinks deep.

  11. We have an abundance of pet hair here in our home, and I know Dustin wants to put Venus's hair to good use, but hasn't come up with a creative way yet. I'm definitely going to show him this post. I'm anxious for you to get out and see how Montana's hair performs for you.

    Venus (German Shepherd) doesn't have quite as much hair as Montana, but she's pretty dense in the winter. My mom bought Venus a dog towel for Christmas the year before and it almost completely dries her. Two of these towels and she is as dry as a towel can get her. My mom found the towel either on QVC or HSN. They sell similar ones at Bed Bath and Beyond, but they aren't quite the same.


  12. I imagine German Shepherd hair could make some nice Whitlock's Fox Squirrel(-like) Nymphs... or maybe a caddis emerger pattern. If the hair is at least 2" I bet you could do a nice small Clouser Minnow.

  13. That is awesome! You gotta love a dogs selflessness :-) Great looking fly!

  14. Brilliant! Montana makes darn good looking flies! I use my dog Banjo's hair all the time for dubbing. It's perfect. :) And, he gets brushed more often.

  15. Sanders and Erin,
    Thanks for checking it out. Glad you liked it. I wish I could say it has caught a bunch of fish for me, but Clouser fishing has been unproductive for me lately. Maybe one day...