Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Favorite Outdoor Places (fishin' holes)... how do I pick just one?

This post was prompted by the Outdoor Blogger Network. Gotta give credit to the brilliant minds at OBN.

I have a few favorite natural places.

On the top of my list would be the Spring River in Arkansas near the towns of Mammoth Spring and Hardy. This photo shows one of the river wide limestone shelf waterfalls that typify the Spring River. There are so many species of fish in the Spring. It really is a fisherman's paradise. Unfortunately, it's also a recreational paddling paradise so it gets a bit too crazy on weekends during the summer.

Kelly with a nice Shadow Bass (Ambloplites ariommus)

Running a close second would be Cypress Creek in northwest Alabama in the town of Florence. This creek flows into Pickwick Lake, one of several impoundments of the Tennessee River that is known for producing trophy Smallmouth Bass. There's always a good fish hanging near this rock bluff in the picture, so Kelly and I usually fight to fish this piece of water. This was Kelly's first ever trip to Cypress Creek so I decided to be nice and gave her the first shot at it.

Kelly wades into position,  June 2009

My first trip to Cypress Creek, June 2007

Last, but certainly not least, would be DeSoto State Park and the Little River Canyon National Preserve in Alabama. I've only fished at DSP and LRCNP once, but I can't wait to get back. I wrote an article on the area for Examiner.com that you can read by clicking here. The place doesn't look like your average bass creek. It looks a lot more like a typical large trout stream in southern Appalachia. There are some really nice big rocks... I like big rocks and bass. It's a nice combination.

My first Largemouth Bass at LRCNP.

Sorry, I couldn't pick just one favorite place. I hope that's alright.


  1. Wow Cypress Creek looks outstanding. We are so lucky to fish in beautiful surroundings.

  2. Of course it's all right, I'm drooling over those pictures....again, not helping with my cabin fever. Looks like divine fly fishing places, love the green of everything.
    Sigh....will spring ever come?
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Looks like you have a great partner there...how fun to be able to fish together! Nice choices of water.

  4. That rock bluff indeed looks like smallie heaven. I'm sure you two have reeled in a few in that spot. I agree with the green, it is beautiful, and I can't wait to see it! What a cool looking bass, the shadow...never seen or caught one of those.


  5. Jay
    I will have to try Cypree Creek, I am not far from Florence. If fact that is where I bought my last Bass Tracker. LRC is awesome, my wife and I were there last summer, not to fish just travling through. I would love to fish it one day. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Bill,
    Anytime you want to meet up and give either of those spots a try, I'd be delighted to go with you. I consider them to be warm weather wet wading destinations. I'll probably make my first trip to Cypress Creek in April or May.

  7. Jay
    I would love to go to either place with you. I will be fishing for the spots again in the spring and into the summer on Smith Lake and would love for you to come down and fish one day with me. Just bring your fly rod and I will supply the rest. We would be fishing from my Bass Tracker. We would be fishing off rock walls where the depths can be as much as 50 ft. plus. It is something to see that spot kill that fly off the walls. Thanks for invite.

  8. Bill,
    Thank you so much for the reciprocal invitation. I would love to fish for Spots on Smith Lake. I've been thinking about that place since you posted your big Spot story. In addition to my rod, I'll bring a few of my good bass flies along if that's alright. I also have some sinking heads that would probably very useful along the walls for getting some flies down deep. It would be a fun experiment.
    Now, I really can't wait for spring to get here.

  9. Jay
    Plan on late April or first week in May, daylight is awesome on the walls. Bring anything you think would produce on the fly, I am always in for new fly techniques. Looking forward to the trip.

  10. Right on. Little River Canyon is one of my favorite places too.