Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cypress Creek Longears

I spent the better part of my evening cleaning my 125 gallon aquarium in my living room. It is an appropriate fisherman's aquarium. No happy community tank full of Neon Tetras, Mollies, and Fancy Guppies for me. My tank contains what I consider real fish, including some of my favorite fish to catch on the fly: Longear Sunfish (Lepomis megalotis). In my humble opinion, they are as beautiful as any trout.

The two Longears that I have in my tank were caught on Zebra Midges in Cypress Creek in Florence, Alabama- one of my favorite places to fly fish. For a naturalist, Cypress Creek is a magical place. The biodiversity is incredible and the creek is teeming with life. I often find myself distracted while fishing in this place... looking for turtles, watching a crayfish, observing a darter, or being hypnotized by a damselfly that has perched on my fly rod.

Cypress Creek flows into the famous Pickwick Reservoir on the Tennessee River. Many Smallmouth Bass trophy anglers believe this lake will give up the next world record. Understandably, Cypress Creek has an excellent Smallie population, but it also holds plenty of Largemouth and Spotted Bass as well. Although each species of fish that can be caught in Cypress Creek fills its own niche, and can be predictably pulled from its preferred microhabitat, you really never know what you might catch on your next cast. The surprise of each hookup is what makes fishing this creek so much fun.

I would rather be fly fishing at Cypress Creek than cleaning an aquarium... or pretty much anything else for that matter.


  1. I agree that I'd rather be fishing than cleaning the aquarium. Never seen a Longears, but they are pretty fish.

  2. i love the "authenticity" of your tank, jay. i also love my tetras and algae-eating snails. all ten gallons of them. don't be a hata';-). oh-and i want to see the bat picture. you should post it.